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I'm regularly invited to join the stage at international tech conferences all around the world like SwiftConf (Germany), iOS Conf Singapore (Singapore), AltConf (USA), Twilio Signal (USA)... you'll find here materials about me !

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Full nameClément Sauvage
CompanyBits'n Coffee Consulting Agency
Position :CEO
Biography Clément Sauvage, a European technology leader, charted an innovation driven journey. Aged of 9 (1999), he developed his first website, igniting a passion that would guide him throughout his life. Entrepreneur at heart, he founded his first company (Tickt.) at the age of 17, while still in high school. With an engineering degree in hand, Clément crossed borders to work in the United States & UK for 20 months. His thirst for innovation then led him to become a consultant, bringing his expertise to promising startups and international companies (Airbus, Channel, LVMH, Orange, Iliad, Air Liquide...). Clément is also a seasoned speaker, having addressed numerous technology and startup conferences across Europe and around the world. He passionately shares his expertise, trying to inspire audiences with his innovative vision. Currently, Clément stands out for his work on three major projects. Leadstar, a groundbreaking application in the HRTech field, planned launch Fall 2023, bringing innovative solutions to recruitment challenges., a leader in its field, improves the lives of over 8000 individuals aged 55 and above in France and Canada, with tailored fitness solutions. Both as a consultant and lastly, VoyageValet a packing app for travellers. With two successfully founded and sold companies under his belt, Clément Sauvage embodies the very essence of entrepreneurship. His journey, and achievements, helps him building astonishing products and drive him investing in startups as business angel.


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